Christmas charity

Christmas Charity for families of limiteds means

We here at Kaapelin joulu want to spread Christmas spirit to families of limited means. That’s why we are going to have Christmas charity. We are collecting all of those extra clothes, books, toys and dishes that you no longer use, but are still in good shape for others to use.

All the collected items will be donated via Hope ry to families of limited means in the Helsinki region.

You can donate for example dishes or other home supply as well as toys and clothes suitable for youth, families and children. Specially winter clothes are needed at this time of the year.

Unfortunately we cannot accept electronical devices or devices that need electricity to work, because we cannot guarantee that they function.

The reception of donations is located at Merikaapelihalli, and is in connection with the event info.

Also you are able to buy Kaapelin joulu -sticker tattoos designed bu our own graphic designer Hanna Ruusulampi. Sticker tattoo sheet costs 5€ and all the profit will be donated to Hope ry and especially allocated to enable children’s and youth’s equal leisure time activity.

Hope Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry is an NGO founded in 2009. Main goal for Hope ry is to assure better everyday life for children. Hope offers concrete help for the families of limited mean and families who have faced sudden crisis and also for custody children.

Hope ry is politically and religiously uncommitted NGO and it’s active all around Finland